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I know that no one cares more about the people they serve than SEEDS Consulting! They are truly a blessing to the people they work with.
--H.S., Candidate

Jenn has been a wonderful colleague, mentor, and friend. Whether looking for candidates or a new opportunity for myself, I have trusted her knowledge of the industry and its players. They have a knack for matching people with the right organizations.
--M.J., Candidate and Client at a Southern California consulting firm 

SEEDS Consulting connects good people to good opportunities. I've come to rely on their intuition, good judgment, and experience.
--T.D., Client at a Southern California brokerage 

SEEDS Consulting is an amazing company that Jenn built. Her team and the longevity of the firm are a testament to her work ethic, brains, guts, and of course her sense of humor.
-A.W., Candidate and Client at a Northern California brokerage 

SEEDS Consulting has done so much to help me get on the right career track. I cannot thank you enough! There is not another recruiting agency in the world like them. I recommend them to anyone who needs guidance with their career.
--M.G., Candidate at a Northern California Managing General Agency

SEEDS Consulting has been an important partner in our success and I often value the advice and counsel more than the talent they deliver.
--B.G., Client at a Bay Area brokerage 

Jenn has been a friend, an encourager, a sounding board. She gives so much of heself to her clients and past clients. It is very commendable.
--T.E., Candidate and Client at a Northern California brokerage 

Jenn is a partner in the truest sense of the word. I have been at this for 37 years and she is the only recruiter I TRUST.
-D.F., Client at a Bay Area brokerage 

 Jenn is awesome at what she does; she found the perfect way to have a career by simply using the gifts she had been given. The career move that I made with your firm’s help has been the best change to occur in my life for many years. They totally get to know people so that they can suggest the best path for them and it was perfect for me. 
-- D.A., Candidate at Fortune 100 in Northern California 

Jenn has played an integral part in my development as a person and always been there to support me in my journey working in the Health and Welfare field. She is kind, loyal, supportive and most importantly a friend who I will always admire.
-L.C., Candidate at a Bay Area brokerage 

Rodney did a phenomenal job integrating me into my new company. His responses to my numerous questions were always timely and knowledgeable and he helped make my transition between jobs very smooth. Rodney found an opportunity that provided the next step in helping me craft a successful career.
--M.V., Candidate at a Bay Area brokerage 

Jenn has successfully built a strong company that is rooted in professionalism, high ethical behavior, and integrity. I have greatly enjoyed working with her and her team for the past eight years and cherish our “pick up the phone and have a no non-sense chat” relationship!
--S.M., Client at a Los Angeles brokerage 

SEEDS Consulting’s professionalism, compassion, and knowledge are the perfect recipe for success.
--J.A., Client at a Bay Area brokerage 

Jenn has been a trusted partner for me personally during times where she could do/offer more for me then I could do for her. --D.B., Client at a Northern California brokerage 

I have known Jenn longer than my wife and I speak to her almost as much. She even nags me more than my wife, but I love it, I need it, and I appreciate it more than she will ever know. --N.W., Candidate at a San Francisco brokerage 

Jenn and SEEDS Consulting are true professionals in the advice and support they provide us. M.D., Client at a Fortune 100 in Northern California 

 I have grown more personally and professionally and in ways unimaginable during my partnership with SEEDS Consulting. I am truly thankful for their guidance and willingness to "go the distance". --S.D., Client at a Third Party Administrator in Northern California 

Jenn is much more than a recruiter. She provides excellent advice, thoughtful suggestions, and truly believes in finding the right fit. I feel lucky to have had the chance to meet and work with Jenn as she is a great person and is one of the best in her profession.
--E.K., Candidate at a Fortune 500 

SEEDS Consulting is a firm that has impacted 100s of people’s lives through direct career changes/transitions, improving companies cultures, units, departments, entire new companies formed largely by the ripples caused by their efforts, too many to really know what impact we have made.
-- R.G., Recruiter 

Jenn’s tenacity and fire have allowed her to take a passing thought and turn it into a brick and mortar machine which has touched the lives of thousands of people. I can honestly say that I've never met another person who I would so easily follow into the fire. She inspires trust and affection in everyone she meets and it's these qualities which have allowed her to create a workplace that's more like a family.
-A.P., Former Recruiter 

Jenn’s dedication to her clients and staff is truly admirable and they are fortunate to have her on their side looking out for their best interest.
--D.A., Accountant 

Jenn’s “extra effort” value that defines SEEDS Consulting is what makes her different and what makes her stand alone for her employees, colleagues, and loyal clients.
--C.F., Recruiter 

Jenn saw potential in me and forced me to act on that potential. Over the years I have considered her a mentor and a friend. Her passion for coaching and recruiting are contagious. I would not be where I am today if it was not for your support and guidance along the way. I am not sure if I should kick you or thank you!
--R.K., Former Recruiter 

 I don’t think words could quite express the gratitude, joy, compassion, and pride I personally feel being part of this wonderful team and the organization committed to its roots of being different and having the extra effort that creates success.
-J.K., Recruiter

I feel so proud and lucky that I have gotten to be a part in this amazing company that you’ve built. It has been inspiring to watch you help so many people in so many parts of their lives. Thank you for all your guidance, friendship, and support throughout the years. Because of you I truly believe that as long as you believe in yourself you can succeed.
--S.S., Recruiter