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Our goal is to cultivate long-term relationships with both our company clients and candidates. We gladly accept the responsibility of protecting, and maintaining our relationships and believe it is the core to our success. 

Most recruiters are only interested in knowing if a candidate wants the current opening they are trying to fill. At SEEDS, we believe in getting to know the experiences, interests, styles and goals of both our candidates and companies, in order to assure exceptional matches. 


• Establish strong relationships with exceptional candidates. The employees we represent are the best and brightest in the industry. 

• Represent reputable companies. We seek to partner ourselves with the best companies in our industry. We maintain high standards when deciding which clients to accept. Our clients expect top talent and we deliver. 

• Hire career advisors, not resume flingers. Our employees are true professionals and are expected to take the time to build strong relationships. In addition, our recruiters advise candidates on how to advance their careers, not just find the next job. 

• Maintain relationships with placed candidates, consulting them on how to be exceptional employees for our client firms. We advocate for our placements long after placing them, sometimes even helping them manage their managers.