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1. Do you enjoy what you're doing?

Do you like the work you're currently doing? Do you leave your job feeling like you've accomplished something?

2. Can you see your skills being used in the future?

Are you able to see where the job you're currenting doing will take you on your career ladder?

3. Do you have work life balance?

Work/life balance can mean something different to every person. For some it means an 8-5 job where once they're home they don't have to think of their work until the next morning. Others feel that 60 hour weeks are the best thing ever and the pressure is something they enjoy. Whatever work/life balance means to you, make sure you have it in your current opportunity.

4. Are you learning new things?

Do you feel like you're learning new skills and growing as a person? If not, look around and see what you can do to help with that (i.e., certifications, going back to school for a degree, taking on a new hobby, or volunteering).

5. Are you appreciated for your contributions?

Do the people you work with acknowledge your work and abilities?

6. Have you talked to your manager about next steps?

Have you discussed options for your career and what it will take for you to hit the next level?

7. Are you using your strengths?

If you're not utilizing your strengths you should look at ways to incorporate your abilities into your career.