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The best or worst part of your job can be your manager. A large percentage of people who leave jobs they love comes down to difficult managers. One of the best things you can do for your career is to find a way to partner and work with your manager.

1. Always keep in mind what matter to your Manager

Miscommunications can happen so make sure to talk to your manager and make sure you're on the same page in regards to priorities.

2. Keep your Manager in the loop

Keeping your manager up to date on your projects is helpful in several ways. It makes it easier to ask for help if you run into a roadblock. Keeping your manager in the loop also helps make sure that they know where your time is going and don't try to overload you on projects.

3. No one is perfect

No one is perfect so instead of butting heads try to work with your managers natural strengths. If they always seem to be multi-tasking when you try talking to them in person shoot them an e-mail with an update on your work load. If they are always busy in the afternoons try to schedule one-on-one meeting time in the mornings to get their attention when your manager is able to focus on you.

4. Know the problems and try to have solutions

Everyone runs into problems and roadblocks. When you do, and go to your manager for support, make sure that you not only lay out the issue is but what you've done to resolve it and/or anything you can think of that might be the solution.

5. Complain upwards

If you have issues with your manager don't complain to your co-workers. While you might get sympathy and support the chances of things getting better by venting to colleagues is low. Instead, if you find that you and your manager just aren't able to communicate or work together, see if there is someone above them that you can bring into your meetings to act as a neutral third-party.