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If you have ever taken the time to look up the definition of “selling,” you have found a variety of definitions that typically define selling as “exchanging of goods for money.”

What is your definition of sales?

I asked my colleagues for their definitions and here are a few:

1. Convincing people they need something.
2. Encouraging someone to buy or do something to enhance their life.
3. Presenting a product or idea to someone that they may or may not need.
4. Giving a product for an agreed upon cost.

My definition of sales is “bringing a person to a decision.” The moment someone trusts me and allows me to help solve their problem, I become a consultant. In exchange for that gift, I owe them my pure commitment to helping them figure out what is right for them, even if it doesn’t solve my problem.

As a recruiter, a candidate might seem perfect for the position I am trying to fill, but just because they are qualified for a position, doesn’t mean it is right for them. When I talk to a candidate who is sincerely content in their position, it’s clear to me that not everyone should change jobs because I have something "EVEN BETTER".

I often have the honor of helping individuals improve their situation when things aren’t going well. Sometimes, my role is simply to inspire people to have enough courage to talk with their boss. Other times, I nudge them to leave a tough situation. After 25+ years in sales, I’ve learned that the Law of Averages protects me from the burden of talking people into doing things they don’t want to do. Simply put, if I am willing to talk to enough people, there is ALWAYS someone that will truly benefit from the position I am trying to fill.

Every conversation I have provides an opportunity to learn and grow. Often, I get the privilege of helping people with their career. To me, sales is simply an opportunity to serve as a guide and an advisor. Since I am willing to work hard enough to find those who WANT my positions, I don’t have to talk anyone into anything. MY JOB IS EASY!

So how do you sell ice to Eskimos?

1. You establish trust.
2. You bring a person to a decision (either yes or no).
3. You work hard enough to find an Eskimo in the desert.


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