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It’s been my experience that most people enter the world of production because they have met a successful producer and they want to have THAT life: great money, lots of influence and a job that looks easy. This is a little like saying you want to take a picture at the top of Mount Everest because it looks pretty.

Don’t get me wrong, you're welcome to climb that mountain. If you want to take a great photo, you’re going to have to trek up Everest, and it’s going to hurt. Most people won’t make it past Base Camp, because they are simply not willing to do what it takes. If you want to see the unbelievable view, there are no short cuts, and trust me nobody is going to carry you up or hand you a bottle of oxygen.

The good news: producing is not Mount Everest. You just have to put one foot in front of the other and slowly climb. Consider each step, an appointment with a new prospect. Mount Everest is 29,029 feet high. The truth is it’s physically challenging, but when you talk to people about the real challenge of climbing, it’s the mental game that will make you crawl back to the bottom.

The difference between climbing Mount Everest and becoming a top producer is being a top producer is 100% mental. If you are willing to call upon 29,029 prospects, I guarantee you will succeed. Your skill level will help you travel the mountain faster, but if you run one appointment after the other, you will find your success with or without tremendous skill.

Watch out for the pitfalls of running one appointment and talking about it for days. I see many producers starve on the mountain, because they get to one “YES,” and forget to keep climbing. Others spend so much time talking about the “NOs” that they just sit on the side of the mountain and freeze to death.


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