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No matter if you’ve just accepted your first job after college or if you’ve already been in the workforce for years; the first few months of a new job are extremely important to your career.

First impressions do last, and it’s always important to put your best foot forward.  In a new job you’ll have different people and personalities to work with, new procedures and polices to learn and follow and new managers or subordinates to work with.  Below are some tips and suggestions to make the transition into your new job and company easier.

Get to know the company’s culture.
(This should actually be done while you’re still in the interviewing process.)

Ask questions & learn the processes.

Don’t miss work (if you can help it). Minimize any planned vacations if you can and always discuss planned vacations before you accept the job.

Ask for feedback as it shows commitment to the company.

Don’t rush to learn to quickly at the risk of making mistakes. You won’t be thought of as the one who works so hard, but rather as the one who has spotty quality of work.