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Industry Knowledge

• Does the recruiter or firm specialize within your industry or desired position?

• Do they subscribe to the trade journals and keep current within their industry?

• Are you able to ask them about your competition and what is going on in the marketplace?

• Are they familiar with industry lingo and specialties?


• What is their reputation in your market?

• Do they have recommendations from both firms and candidates within your industry?

• Have your employees heard of this recruiting firm?


• Do they ask the right questions about your company and about the job?

• Do they want to partner with you and help you reach your employment goals while decreasing your turnover rate?

• Do they share feedback on candidates that they do not represent?

• Do they promote your company’s brand image?

• Do they recruit out of your firm while placing for you?

• On average how many resumes & unique interviews does it take to make a placement?


• Are they willing to guarantee their placement and stand behind their recommendation to hire the candidate?

• Do they stay in touch with the candidates after placement?

• What is their fall off ratio?