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Understanding your company’s culture is essential to attracting superior candidates that will stay for the long term. Highly qualified employees whose values are not aligned with that of your company will jar the rhythm of the office and ultimately be short term visitors.

Finding the right candidate is a balancing act between finding qualified people that blend and match with the existing team. As the hiring authority, you have the ultimate responsibility of identifying and enticing the right candidates to your firm. Focusing on the qualities you want employees to embody is the quickest way to assert the values you want to establish within the firm. In fact, one of the quickest ways to create change within a firm is to hire people who naturally exemplify your desired outcome.

Ask yourself, what kind of people do you want to attract?

- Formal or Casual

- Stable/Steady or Innovative, Entrepreneurial

- Corporate or Boutique

- Calm and cool or fast-paced and energetic

- Work hard and gone by 5 or work hard and gone when the work is done

- What are your most important company values

- Describe the ideal employee

By knowing who you want to attract, you can determine more easily if the candidate you are interviewing will fit. Take a moment and picture them chatting with other employees, will they bond with the group?