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It’s critical to remember that no matter how qualified your new employee is; they are going to have a learning curve. In order to have a successful new hire, it’s important to make a few adjustments.

If the employee has a lot of experience they may not need a lot of technical training, but they will still need time to:

• Adjust to any new software (do you have formal training or do they slowly peck away)

• Learn the company’s unique procedures (do you have templates & best practices in a binder)

• Get familiar with new clients (is there a formal “get up to speed” binder)

• Culturally become a part of the organization (A mentor system can help)

Even the most experienced employees will need to find the supply room and figure out who to have lunch with! Please don’t expect your new employee to become an expert in one day!

1. Make sure they know they can ask questions

2. Check in with them and make sure their acclimation is going well

3. Make time to introduce the employee to their new colleagues and help them adjust culturally

If the employee has industry experience but is coming from a different sector of the industry (i.e. Carrier to a Broker) then it is crucial for you to be aware of the learning curve and account teaching and bringing them up to speed. No matter how much of a ‘get-it’ factor a new employee has, learning medical when you are coming from an ancillary carrier to a broker is overwhelming, but it can be done, if there is time and specific training is provided!

With any new employee, always be aware of the social dynamic that needs to be established. Culturally fitting is an important element of an employee’s satisfaction and employers who only focus on the work will end up with social clashes, and wondering why some of the best employees don’t stay for the long haul.