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At SEEDS Consulting, we believe the quality of a candidate extends far beyond their technical qualifications. Our candidate selection process is unique and arguably the best in the industry. When evaluating potential candidates, we look for key characteristics including: attitude, commitment, work habits, and long-term goals.

When we submit a candidate, they should be absolutely qualified so that you can focus on whether or not they are a good fit for your organization. Many of our competitors believe in sending dozens of candidates; our goal is to be more efficient by thoroughly screening and vetting candidates before submitting them to you. In fact, we average one placement for every 3 candidates submitted.

Are they a superior candidate?

- Technically knowledgeable with a solid track record of success

- Promotable with measurable accomplishments

- Positive attitude, intelligent & well spoken

- Trainable and open to learning

- Polished & presentable

Are they the right candidate for a specific client?

- Culturally fit with aligned values

- Do they solve an existing problem

- Are they truly qualified to do the job

Is the client a match for the candidate?

- Strong management and understanding of how to develop employees

- Both the candidates’ short-term and long-term goals are achievable

- The candidate can thrive in the environment, naturally

How do we gather our information?

Maintain a long-term follow-up process with candidates

Utilize our 3 degrees of separation to avoid surprises

Professional resume review of career development and decision making

Front & back door reference checks

Evaluate personality and core values using our “Career Navigator”

Review insurance license statuses & background research