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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use a recruiter? Recruiters allow you to learn about opportunities that are currently open while staying discreet.  Because SEEDS Consulting focuses on the insurance industry specifically, we’re able to give you up to date information about what’s going on in the industry, as well as help you map out your career goals.  Recruiters are also able to save you time in your search by focusing in on the jobs which fit your skills and experience.  If your recruiter is a strategic partner, they also know about up and coming positions that are not posted.

When should I look for a new job? Knowing when the right time to look is hard, and you shouldn’t jump ship at the first thought.  Check out this article for some key signs that it might be time to move.  The short answer, is when there are more bad days than good, you begin to risk your personal reputation if your satisfaction level begins to impact the quality of your work.

I’m already employed.  Why should I look in this economy? In a tougher economy you need to be more strategic then ever.  A solid recruiter can share up to date information on the industry and where there may be possible opportunities.  It is much easier to look for the right position when you are not worried about paying the bills; but instead, are trying to improve your situation.  Employers are more eager to hire employed candidates because there is less perceived risk.  It is always better to be pro-active rather than reactive.

How do I deal with gaps in my work history? Never try to hide gaps in your work history.  Sometimes gaps in work history can be explained in the cover letter, other times an actual note in the resume is better.  Check out this article for help on your resume.

How can I submit my resume? If you are an interested candidate you can send your resume to us via the current opportunities page here..  If you’d like to work for us, please send us an email to

I work at a carrier.  Can I only work at Carriers? Not at all!  There are many positions that cross from carriers into brokers, TPAs, consultants or corporations but the trick is to know which company type is right for you and which roles lead to which roles.  Contact one of our recruiters for more information.

Who pays for your services? Our services are free to candidates, the fee for our services is paid by our client companies who hires eligible candidates.

Are your searches confidential? We value both our candidates and clients’ confidentiality and do everything within our power to protect you during this process.  We never submit resumes without the candidate’s knowledge and while doing searches for clients we keep their name confidential until we are ready to submit candidates.

Do I need to come in to interview with a recruiter? No. Our recruiters are available for phone conversations and via email which is why we are able to place the right candidates in positions all over the country. 

Does SEEDS Consulting place temporary positions? SEEDS Consulting focuses on permanent placements, but we are able to refer candidate interested in temporary assignments to other firms.

What kinds of jobs are available? Our job list is always changing. Please click here for a partial list of open jobs.